The Big House

On this ecological farm you can rent the main house as your holiday home during the summer. The house is a big 250-year old stone house with thick walls, old floors and a farmer´s kitchen. Divided on three floors you have five bedrooms, two big living rooms, a diningroom, kitchen and three bathrooms. 12 beds.

There is a big garden surrounded by a hedge to give you privacy. On the farm we have many different kinds of animals to get to know. There is no car traffic on the island, and it is walking distance to the lake. This is an ideal house to share between two or three families or with several generations under the same roof!

Selfcatering only.

What to do

While on the island you will have a small motorboat and you can take trips on the lake, go fishing or in August-September go crayfishing!

On the farm there are cows, sheep and cats. We also grow a lot of vegetables for our own needs and for sale.

If you want to go on a trip its not far to Kolmårdens Zoo, Eskilstuna Zoo or a popular glass factory, Rejmyre Glasbruk. In an hour you can reach the sea and the archipelago.
N.B: If you plan to go on several trips during a week, be aware that you will have to cross the lake (300 m) w motorboat and keep your cars on the main land. Transport with ferry is only included at arrival and departure or according to other agreement.


Big house at Tisenö 12.000 Skr/week

From September 6.000 Skr/weekends

Midsummer, Christmas, New Year 7.500 Skr


If you would like a smaller vacation home, with even more privacy, we also have a little cabin on one of the smaller islands in the lake. Here you have room for four persons (bunkbeds) and the standard is back to basics and close to nature. Here you can spend time totally undisturbed.


3.000 Skr/week, 1.500 Skr/weekend, 800 Skr/day

Boat is not included in price. 200 Skr 1st day, from 2nd day 100 Skr/day.

Contact for Barrholmen:
Phone: 0046-70-622 2 054